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A Website can Improve Cash Flow!

A Website can Improve Cash Flow One of the biggest problems all small business owners have is cash flow. Two simple things you can do to alleviate cash flow problems is to email invoices, and in that invoice include a link to your website where clients can pay online. Also, make sure payments [...]

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Expand Your Business with Content Marketing

Small business owners are realizing that Content Marketing is a way to attract new customers to their business. What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is creating and distributing relevant and valuable information online to attract, acquire and engage a target audience with the objective of driving customer actions. Its a way to communicate with customers [...]

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Leverage Small Business Content via Social Media Marketing

For 3 years every week, Mike would stand up at his small business networking meeting and provide useful information about some aspect of his business via Elevator Statements, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts. Yet only 5% of his business came from this networking group. The other 95% of his business never saw or heard this information. [...]

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Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Today people consume information in a number of ways. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the more popular tools for accessing information. At #Bizography.com, we work with our clients to use #Social Media Marketing as a strategic tool to find new customers. We help our clients design [...]

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Let's Talk Local! Internet Marketing Done Locally

Social, Mobile and Local are the 3 mantras for internet marketing today. Let's talk local! 3 quick facts: 78% of all the local searches from a mobile phone result in a purchase. 91% of those who search for local business information on social media sites use Facebook. Advertising on Facebook is the fastest growing sector [...]

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Bizography Launches Rumph & Associates, P.C. Website

Bizography Inc, www.Bizography.com, a leading provider of web design, graphic design, web develoopment and internet marketing solutions launched a redesigned mobile responsive website for Rumph & Associates, PC. The new website, www.rumphandassociates.com,  incorporates the latest technology for displaying their website on smartphones, tablets and computers. Rumph & Associates, P.C. is a professional corporation providing business [...]

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