For 3 years every week, Mike would stand up at his small business networking meeting and provide useful information about some aspect of his business via Elevator Statements, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts. Yet only 5% of his business came from this networking group. The other 95% of his business never saw or heard this information. We showed Mike how to take his Elevator Statement, presentations, and handouts and create a Blog, Social Media posts, Newsletters and Ads that could be seen by clients and prospects who are not in his networking group. By posting his Elevator Statement weekly and creating a Monthly Newsletter, we are now generating a minimum of 240 posts of content a year to different Social Media channels. As a result, Mike has seen an increase in new clients and website traffic and he is seen as an expert in his business, all for only $250.00 a month. For more information on how to leverage your small business expertise to get more clients through social media engagements, contact us at 770-343-6569, email us at or visit our website We welcome your #webdesign #digitalmarketing #smallbusiness #atlanta